Student Administration

Course/Enrolment changes

Reception can help you with enquiries with regards to suspension from studies/deferrals and any changes to your course/campus, as well as withdrawal from your enrolment.Advice will be given for supporting documentation required and specific guidelines according to the National Standards as per the ESOS Act will be followed.

Cross-institution Enrolment

VET students cannot be enrolled with more than one provider at a time. All courses carry unique CRICOS codes which are logged against your enrolment on PRISMS. To enrol in another provider you must request a release from your current college/provider.

Please refer to the application for release for conditions under which a release can or cannot be granted.

Deferral of Studies

If you have valid reasons for applying to suspend your studies, you must seek advice from the Director of Studies. Suspension of studies can only be granted under specific guidelines according to the National Standards as per the ESOS Act. However, compassionate or compelling circumstances may gain you one term deferment if all evidence is supplied. You can only apply for two deferments during the total duration of your student visa.

Fees & Charges


Cambridge International College provides a variety of payment methods for students applying to study one of its courses. Below is a list of relevant information for both current and future students on how, where and when to pay their school fees.

Forms of payment

Applying Overseas Applying in Australia
International Bank Transfer (preferred) Bank deposit (preferred)
Credit Card Credit Card / Eftpos
Bank Cheque – made out to “Cambridge International College” Bank Cheque – made out to “Cambridge International College”
Money Order – made out to “Cambridge International College”

Please note that students paying via credit card will incur a 1.3% surcharge.

Which bank?

Cambridge International College asks all students paying via international bank transfer or via bank deposit to do so to its account. Relevant bank details including SWIFT Code and or BSB number can be found on your letter of offer. For existing students, payment can also be made via internet banking. If you need any further information or clarification, please contact the College.

What do I need to make a deposit?

Students paying via international bank transfer or via bank deposit will need to take the following items to the bank:

New Students Current Students
Passport Student Number
Invoice or Letter of Offer Invoice


New Students

Students in possession of a current letter of offer or invoice who would like to proceed to the Confirmation of Enrolment stage (COE) can do so by completing and returning the signed Written Agreement and paying the amount listed under initial deposit into the nominated CIC bank account. Once a payment has been made, the receipt of transfer can be taken personally to the Finance department, or scanned and sent with a copy of the Written Agreement to

Perth Campus Melbourne Campus
Third Floor Reception Level 8
297 Hay Street 108 Lonsdale St.
East Perth Melbourne


Current Students

Once a payment has been made, the receipt of transfer can be brought personally to the Finance department or scanned and sent to

Payment is due once you have received your invoice. Notification is sent to all students through one or a combination of the following:

• Australian home address

• CIC email account

• SMS text message

• Posters on faculty notice boards

Payment dates

For all current students studying a vocational course at Cambridge International College, each tuition fee is due no later than the first day of each new term. Late payment charges may apply if payment is made after this date.

Census date

The invoice date is the date you receive your invoice. Your invoice contains your due date. Any changes to your enrolment must be made before your due date.

Due date for payment:

Vocational Education Training (VET) Vocational Education Training (VET)
2018 2018
Term 1 12th. February Term 1 12th. February
Term 2 7th. May Term 2 7th. May
Term 3 30th. July Term 3 30th. July
Term 4 22nd. October Term 4 22nd. October
Hospitality Hospitality
2018 2018
Term 1 not available Term 1 2nd. February
Term 2 not available Term 2 7th. May
Term 3 not available Term 3 30th. July
Term 4 not available Term 4 22nd. October


Refund & remissions

Please refer to the Policy Library’s Fees and Charges which provides information on fee refunds.

Please refer to the Student Handbook tab for more information on all academic matters, or ask a staff member.


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