Academic Information

Attendance Monitoring

International students enrolled in courses at CIC must maintain a minimum attendance rate of 80% for each study term in the course they are enrolled. Attendance reports are calculated weekly and displayed on the college notice boards, low attendance reminders are also emailed to students whose attendance is decreasing. Please refer to the student handbook or speak to a member of staff for more detailed information on the attendance monitoring process.

Academic Course Progress Monitoring

Course progress is monitored throughout your enrolled course in each unit of competency. You are required to achieve satisfactory academic progress at the end of each term. The VET faculty will review your academic performance and request an intervention according to individual performance.
To show academic progress, you must pass 50% or more of your enrolment every term.


The timetable will be made available closer to the term commencement dates. All timetables are available at both the ground floor and level 2 receptions. They are also posted on the college notice boards two weeks prior to course commencement. All students are given a timetable at orientation, failure to follow the course timetable increases the risk of non-completion and it is your responsibility to ensure that all units are completed within the duration of your CoE. CIC will not extend your CoE if there are no compelling circumstances that warrant an extension to be made. If this occurs, you may not be able to complete your studies.


In order to be assessed in any given unit of study, you need to attend a minimum of 80% delivery of the unit (this is the case for each and every unit). Unit Assessments are ongoing throughout your course and can include assignments such as written questions, projects, case studies, portfolios, demonstrations, oral questioning, presentations, group discussions and role play. All assessment items in a unit are compulsory, which means if you don’t pass or complete these, you may fail the unit. Failure to submit assessments is an automatic fail of that unit.

Academic Integrity

To ensure that you have the best possible education, CIC is committed to the fundamental values of academic integrity: honesty, respect, fairness, trust and responsibility. These are the values CIC seeks to uphold amongst its staff and students. Academic integrity means being honest and responsible in academic work. At CIC students will learn the conventions of scholarship to appropriately acknowledge and reference the work of others and effectively participate in the academic community.

Assessment Submission

You must submit your assessment by the deadline date to your Trainer
All students are given the assessment submission process at orientation and again at the start of term. All submission instructions are displayed in every classroom as well as, on the faculty notice board.

The submission instructions are also on the assessment cover sheets. If you are unsure, please see your trainer for further instructions.
The trainer marking your assessment makes judgements on whether the required level of knowledge and performance has been achieved.
Students must sign all assignments as being their own work and acknowledge all other sources and references they have used.
All written work must be referenced properly, any work that is found to be plagiarised will result in an automatic fail of that assessment.


In the final week of term, the trainer will give you your results for each unit along with oral and written feedback on each of your assessments. The trainer will advise you on how to improve or if any corrections are required.


The results of your assessments are marked on the assessment cover sheet.

Results codes, description and meaning:

Intermediary Results
CO Competent The student has successfully met all the requirements of the assessment task
NYC Not Yet Competent The trainer has found the assignment to be incorrect and will advise you regarding further work required to correct it or if NYC for the second time the unit will be recorded as NC


Final Results
CO Competent The trainer has assessed all assessments in the unit and recorded the result as competent
NC Not Competent The student has not demonstrated the attainment of the required competencies of the unit

Final Results

The final results for your units of enrolment are available on the faculty notice boards and via your email account 14 days after the last day of term.
If your results are unavailable please see the reception on level 2.

Student Appeals Form

You can appeal a final competency for a unit by filling out an appeals form available from reception or download one from the internet
You can appeal if:
• You feel any judgments of assessments in a unit have not been correctly considered
• There has been an administrative error.

Adverse Circumstances

Your studies at CIC may be affected by an illness or serious circumstance beyond your control that prevents or affects your preparation or performance in an assessment.
You need to let your trainers and the college know as soon as possible of any adverse circumstances. Please note, you will be asked to provide supporting evidence to support your claim.

Unacceptable Adverse Circumstances

The following circumstances will not be considered
• DNS Did Not Start the enrolled course as indicated on your COE
• Failure to submit assessment/s
• Low attendance in the unit (please note a minimum of 80% attendance for each unit is required in order for competency to be assessed).

Academic Transcripts

A transcript, or statement of academic record, is a document that details your name, student number, the course of study, units enrolled and date awarded.
If you have completed a Certificate or Diploma course, the name of this qualification and the date awarded will also appear on your transcript e.g. BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management

Prior Learning

Credit Transfer

Credit transfer refers to relevant prior formal learning which demonstrates that you already have achieved the knowledge and competencies required for a module/s or unit/s of work.

Ask for a copy of the Credit Transfer Application Form from Reception or download a copy from the CIC homepage. The form enables you to request credit for prior learning against a particular subject/learning unit in order to gain credit for a particular subject/learning segment in your new course.

This request must be received before you are enrolled in that learning unit.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information or arrange an appointment with the Director of Studies to discuss further.

Please note that a credit transfer approval may impact on the duration of a students’ CoE and term timetable.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL refers to your relevant prior learning/experience, which you believe demonstrates that you have already acquired the knowledge and competencies of a specific module/s/unit/s of work.

Ask for a copy of the Formal or Non-Formal Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Application Form, from Reception or download a copy from the CIC homepage. The form enables you to provide information about yourself and your request for recognition of prior learning or experience in order to gain RPL against a particular subject/learning segment.

This request must be received before you are enrolled in that learning unit and a fee will apply. Please note that an RPL approval may impact on the duration of a students’ CoE and term timetable.

Language Literacy and Numeracy Support

To help keep you on track with your studies, seek help from our support services available for you:

• Speak to our LLN (Language, Literacy Numeracy) tutor- see notice boards for support workshop details
• Access the academic support folder on Moodle for extra learning support
• Attend a faculty study support program
• Attend all trainer support sessions
• Contact your lecturers and/or tutor for one on one assistance
• Speak to a welfare counsellor or a member of staff if you feel you need any assistance with your studies.
Please refer to the student handbook or a member of staff for more detailed information on the academic support offered on a continuous basis at the college.

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