Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct 

Student Code of Conduct (full version)

(Abridged version)

The objective of Cambridge International College’s Code of Conduct is to promote an environment in which students develop a positive and responsible attitude towards the work environment, customers and colleagues and to set clear guidelines for acceptable behaviour.We expect students to develop and maintain a positive and responsible attitude towards their studies to show respect towards other students and staff members and work within the guidelines of academic integrity.

General Rules Of Conduct

• Treat each other with fairness, consideration and respect

• Speak only English on campus

• Be aware of and avoid all behaviour which might embarrass, offend or upset others (this may include neglecting personal hygiene, inappropriate hygienic behaviour in bathrooms and kitchens, inappropriate dress)

• Avoid behaviour which may be deemed to invade the privacy and personal space of another student

• Ensure that your behaviour on campus and any dealings with CIC are legal and ethical.

While this Code of Conduct has been framed for application to students, it also applies to staff members and anyone else on campus.


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