Academic Information

Attendance Monitoring

International students enrolled in courses at CIC need to maintain a minimum attendance rate of 80% for each study term in the course they are enrolled in. Refer to the Attendance Monitoring Policy and Procedure for more detailed information.

Academic Course Progress Monitoring

Academic progress will be assessed throughout the study period. In order to ensure satisfactory course progress, the College will record and monitor your course progress in each Unit of Competency. The VET faculty will review your academic performance and will implement CIC intervention strategies for you if you are making unsatisfactory course progress or are at risk of making unsatisfactory course progress.

Refer to the Academic Progress Monitoring Policy and Procedure for more detailed information.


Students are given an individual timetable at Orientation. Timetables will also be available from reception prior to term commencement.


In order to be assessed in any given unit of study, you must attend a minimum of 80% delivery of the unit (the requirement for all units).

Unit assessments are ongoing throughout your course and can include assignments such as:

  • written questions
  • projects, case studies
  • portfolios, demonstrations
  • oral questioning
  • presentations
  • group discussions and/or
  • role play.

All assessment items in a unit are compulsory.

To be deemed ‘Competent’ in the unit you must complete every component in the unit successfully by the due date. Students who do not attend a minimum of 80% delivery of the unit or fail to submit an assessment task on the due date without prior arrangements with the trainer will be deemed ‘Not Competent’ and may be required to re-enrol in the unit.

Assessment Submission

You are required to submit assessments on or before the due date unless prior alternative arrangements have been made. All assessment items must include a completed and signed Assignment Cover Sheet.

A copy of the assessment submission process is made available to all students at orientation, on the wall of each classroom and on the college notice boards.

Students who submit any assessment which has been plagiarised will be regarded as having cheated and the assessment will be deemed ‘Not Competent’. Refer to Plagiarism Policy and Procedure for more information.

To safeguard against accidental loss of assignments, it is expected that students will keep a copy of each assignment in either soft or hard copy. In the event of a loss, the student will be required to submit a new copy of the assignment concerned.


Students receive specific, timely, supportive, constructive and developmental feedback on their learning and performance. Verbal and written feedback is provided to students on all assessment items in the final week of the term.


The results of your assessments are marked on the assessment cover sheet.

Results codes, description and meaning:

CO Competent The trainer has assessed all assessments in the unit and recorded the result as competent
NC Not Competent The student has not demonstrated the attainment of the required competencies of the unit
CT Credit Transfer Applies where students have already achieved competencies for a unit/s
RPL Recognition of Prior Learning applies where students have already demonstrated competencies for a unit/s

Final Results

The final results for your units of enrolment are available on the faculty notice boards and via your email account 14 days after the last day of term.

If you do not receive your results, please contact the VET faculty.

Student Appeals

The College acknowledges that students have the right to appeal the decision made on their assessments.

You can appeal if:

• You feel that any results of assessments in a unit have been incorrectly considered

• There has been an administrative error.

Special Circumstances

Your studies at CIC may be affected by an illness or serious circumstance beyond your control that prevents or affects your preparation or performance in an assessment.

You must inform your trainers and the College as soon as possible of any adverse circumstances that may have affected your performance.

Please note that you must provide supporting evidence for this.

Academic Transcripts

An academic transcript is an official record of all your study units at CIC.

Within 21 days of the completion of your course, an academic transcript will be given to you provided that there is no outstanding debt to the College.

Credit Transfer

Students who have previously studied and successfully completed one or more units containing the same competencies as those offered by the College can apply for Credit Transfer.

To apply for a Credit Transfer, students will need to submit certified copies of transcripts when applying for enrolment to the College or within the first 2 weeks of the commencement of term.

Please note that a Credit Transfer approval may have an impact on the duration of a student’s CoE and term timetable.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL is the recognition of existing skills and knowledge attained from previous studies or from work and life experiences against course outcomes (learning outcome).

All RPL must be claimed via RPL form submission. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the RPL form completely and include all relevant, certified evidence.

This request must be received before a student is enrolled in that learning unit. A corresponding fee will apply.

Please note that an RPL approval may have an impact on the duration of a students’ CoE.

Language Literacy and Numeracy Support

The college recognises the importance of ensuring that students are assisted to identify the most suitable course for their needs. Some students require assistance with the development of their English language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills prior to or in conjunction with their enrolment.

Language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) support is available on campus to provide students with academic advice and assistance, including LLN assessment. See the campus notice boards or ask a staff member for more information.

Academic Integrity

CIC is built on shared values and norms of behaviour, including honesty, fairness and responsibility.

Academic integrity means putting those values into practice by being honest in the academic work done in college, being fair to others, and taking responsibility for learning and following the conventions of scholarship.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you demonstrate academic integrity.

For more information, please refer to the Student Handbook or speak to any staff member.


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